The Asian SOLAS Meeting in Tokyo

1-3 June 2005

Meeting room at 4th floor of Faculty of Agriculture Bldg.3, University of Tokyo

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Day 1 (Wednesday, 1 June)

Session Chairman: Atsushi TSUDA
13:30Opening remarksMitsuo UEMATSU
13:40Status and future plan of International SOLASPeter LISS
14:00Status of China-SOLASGuang-Yu SHI & Biao WANG
14:20Status of SOLAS in IndiaDileep KUMAR
14:40Status of SOLAS-JapanShigenobu TAKEDA
15:00Coffee Break
Session Chairman: Dileep KUMAR
15:30SOLAS related activity in KoreaKitack LEE
15:50Report of LORECS integrated programGwo-Ching GONG & Wu-Ting TSAI
16:10Status of IMBER in JapanHiroaki SAITO
16:30Status of LOICZ in JapanIsao KOIKE
16:50Status of GEOTRACES in JapanToshitaka GAMO
18:30Reception at Tokyo Yayoi Kaikan (Tel: 03-3823-0841)

Day 2 (Tuesday, 2 June)

Lecture by SOLAS SSC members
Session Chairman: Shigenobu TAKEDA
09:00Direct measurements of DMS fluxes by eddy-correlationBarry HUEBERT (USA)
09:30Biogeochemical cycling in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern South PacificOsvaldo ULLOA (Chile)
10:00Photo-chemistry from space: effect on carbon cycles in the coastal zoneBill MILLER (USA)
10:30Coffee Break
Report from SOLAS-Japan related activity
Session Chairman: Makio HONDA
11:00DMS in the atmosphere and surface seawater measured during SEEDS-II cruiseIppei NAGAO (Nagoya Univ.)
11:15Modulation of chemical process in the maritime atmosphere by radical moleculesYoshizumi KAJII (Tokyo Metoropolitan Univ.)
11:30Correlation of bromomethanes in the atmosphere and link to the emission ratiosYoko YOKOUCHI (NIES)
11:45Biogeochemical production and consumption of trace gases in sea water during SEEDS II experiment: An evaluation based on stable isotopic compositionsUrumu TSUNOGAI, F. Nakagawa, M. Sasakawa, A. Ijiri, S. Kawaguchi, S. Kameyama, J. Yamaguchi, and D.D. Komatsu (Hokkaido Univ.)
Session Chairman: Urumu TSUNOGAI
13:30Role of iron in phytoplankton ecosystem in the western subarctic North PacificJun NISHIOKA (Hokkaido Univ.), A. TSUDA (Univ. Tokyo), H. SAITO (FRA) and S. TAKEDA (Univ. Tokyo)
13:45Time-series observation for study of biological pump using autonomous sampling systemMakio HONDA (JAMSTEC)
14:00Studies in SOLAS-Japan using an intermediate complexity ecosystem modelNaoki YOSHIE & Yasuhiro YAMANAKA (Hokkaido Univ.)
14:15Studies on Antarctic ocean and Global Environment (STAGE)Tsuneo ODATE (NIPR)
14:30SOLAS activities by JAMSTECShuichi WATANABE (JAMSTEC)
14:45Coffee Break
Session Chairman: Mitsuo UEMATSU
15:15Discussion of Cooperative Implementation Plans in the Asian Pacific Region

Day 3 (Friday, 3 June)

In the morning: Breakup meetings by arranging each other at the Hotel Lobby, if any.