PICES 2021 virtual Annual meetingにおけるSOLAS関連セッションの開催

昨年に引き続きPICES 2021年次回において下記のSOLAS関連トピックセッションが日本時間10月27日にオンラインにて開催されます。日本からも3件講演いただく予定です。奮ってご参加ください。下記がオンラインのURLとなります。

S5: Atmospheric nutrient deposition and microbial community responses, and predictions for the future in the North Pacific Ocean



BC Canada time19:00-19:05 (JST 11:00-11:05) Introduction by Session Convenors

Live Talk 1: BC Canada time19:05-19:25 (JST 11:05-11:25) Fumikazu Taketani Impact assessment of deposition of atmospheric nitrogen compounds to the surface chlorophyll-a concentration over Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Recorded Talk 2: BC Canada time19:25-19:45 (JST 11:25-11:45) Shijie Jia The distribution and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes in aerosols between a coastal site and marine sites

Recorded Talk 3: BC Canada time 19:45-20:05 (JST 11:45-12:05) Qin Wang The response of phytoplankton in the oligotrophic and eutrophic waters of the Yellow Sea to the addition of haze in spring

Live Talk 4: BC Canada time 20:05-20:25 (JST 12:05-12:25) Minako Kurisu Estimation of the contribution of combustion Fe in marine aerosols over the North Pacific using Fe stable isotope ratios

Recorded Talk 5: BC Canada time 20:25-20:45 (JST 12:25-12:45) Jiao Wang The concentrations and depositions of atmospheric particles nutrient into the China adjacent seas

Live Talk 6 BC: Canada time 20:45-21:05 (JST 12:45-13:05) Yoko Iwamoto Dry nitrogen deposition to the eastern Indian Ocean during boreal autumn and its impact on the primary production

Closing by Convenors:   BC Canada time 21:05-21:10 (JST 13:05-13:10)