PICES 2020 virtual Annual meetingにおけるSOLAS関連セッションの開催

今年の10月末にオンラインvirtualで行われることになったPICES 2020 virtual Annual meetingにおいて、下記のとおりSOLAS関連セッションが開催されます。大気からの栄養物質インプットが海洋生態系に及ぼす影響に関わるトピックセッションです。 



*VS5 (S5): 
Atmospheric nutrient deposition and microbial community responses, and predictions for the future in the North Pacific Ocean* 
*Thu, Oct. 29, 2020 1800-2100 (Sidney, BC, PT)* 

*Atmospheric PICES 2020 virtual Annual meetingdeposition is an important nutrient source for marine ecosystems, with consequences for local, regional, and global biogeochemical cycles, as well as the climate system. This session focuses on natural and anthropogenic atmospheric nutrient inputs to the North Pacific Ocean. Microbial communities respond to changing atmospheric inputs, which may result in significant effects on the marine carbon and nitrogen budgets, as well as on atmospheric carbon dioxide uptake. Key questions to be addressed within this theme are: How do biogeochemical and ecological processes interact in response to natural and anthropogenic material input from the atmosphere across costal and open ocean regions? How do global warming, ocean acidification, and other anthropogenic stressors synergistically alter the uptake of atmospheric nutrients and metals by marine biota in different oceanic regions? What is the prognosis for the future? We welcome new interdisciplinary presentations and active discussions on physical, chemical, and biological sciences both from the ocean and atmospheric fields in this session.*